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Please find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions please email

Expectation for your musicians: 

How will I know which concerts I should buy tickets for if I want to see my child perform? 

With many participants, and numerous concerts and events, we are trying to avoid advising each family separately on which concerts their kids will be participating in. Instead we have taken great lengths to put the featured groups of each concert or event descriptions that can be found on the KISSM Events Calendar. Also, during KISSM the Faculty members will be reminding the kids about when they will perform.  

Why is it KISSM policy not to advise people individually about the concerts their kids will perform in?   

We are a very small office and there are lots to do before KISSM starts.  Also, we are human, and in the past we have made mistakes advising parents and thus feel it is better if parents spend a bit of extra time reading the calendar and understanding what their kids have registered for and when they will perform.  

What can I expect from KISSM?

The staff  at KISSM are dedicated to helping our students improve as musicians.  At KISSM we believe that having fun, improving skills, making friends and doing our best are important! Our KISSM staff is there to help, and we have designed our courses to both challenge and support our young musicians.  We look forward to hearing and seeing the growth of the young musicians, and to working with you year after year! 

KISSM is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming learning and working environment for all students, teachers, and volunteers within our program.

  • KISSM musicians will be assigned a locker on the first day, no lock required unless they have valuable that they want to keep safe (in the event that KISSM takes place at a school facility).

  • Students will have designated eating areas. Lunches are supervised.

  • Students can expect a fun filled day of varied musical experiences.  Check out our course descriptions to see all the classes available! 

  • Students will find rooms full of all sorts of exciting musical equipment AND they will get hands on instruction!  Kids will learn a variety of age appropriate songs.  

KISSM Timetables

Timetables are emailed out in mid to late June. The timetable will have the classes that your child enrolled in as well as a room numbers and a handy map! 

Course Changes: During the first day of KISSM you will have the opportunity to rotate through all of your classes. After the first day of KISSM students requesting a course change can send an email to for course changes. The deadline to receive these course change requests will be 7 PM on the second day of the program. Families will be notified by email  if we are able to accommodate the course change request. New timetables will be emailed if a change was made. 

What time should my child arrive?

Young Musicians should arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 AM (CLasses start at 9:00) . The doors of the school will remain shut until 8:30 AM, we ask that parents and students wait outside of the buinling unti 8:30.    

What should my child wear?

KISSM Shirts! Comfortable summer clothing. For performances, students are required to wear their KISSM shirts and black bottoms, unless told otherwise. 

What if my child has to miss a day of KISSM?

Please use the email address: to report any absences.

What do I do if my child is running late for KISSM?

We understand, it's summer!  Morning attendance is completed by 9:10am, and students arriving after morning or afternoon attendance are required to sign in at the KISSM main desk when they arrive. 

Health and Safety at KISSM?

Illnesses: As per BC CDC COVID-19 guidelines, no child who is feeling unwell should attend the program.  Students who become ill at KISSM will be taken to the office and their parents/emergency contact person will be notified to pick their child up.  

Allergies and Life threatening illnesses: Students with serious and life threatening illnesses/conditions should have made us aware of these conditions when they registered.  We review all these files with our staff.  

First Aid:  Students should report all injuries (minor or major) and any medical emergencies to a staff member.

Smoke from Wildfires:  If Kamloops is subject to smoke from wildfires students are allowed to remain indoors.  Parents who have children with serious asthma may wish to keep their kids home from KISSM during times of severe smoke.  

Water Fountains: We will adhere to SD 73 policy regarding flushing school water fountains every morning.  Parents with concerns around the water fountains should send their kids with an additional water bottle daily.  

Does students need to bring their own instruments?

Students enrolled in band courses are required to bring their own instrument.  Please ensure that the instrument is labeled with the student’s name. If your child is in a guitar class and has one at home please bring it along, but we will have guitars for those who need them. Percussion instruments will be provided; put we ask percussionists to bring a “kit” bag of sticks with them. Students taking Digital Audio and Piano classes will need to bring headphones. Students in the Music Makers program are encouraged to bring their own recorder, but all other instruments will be provided. 

What else does my child need to bring to KISSM?

Lunch, water, sunblock, and a passion for music!

Who will teach my child?

Our faculty includes music educators and industry professionals from around the world. We also hire university students as assistant faculty. Our Staff to Student ratio is 1:10. 

Who decides what band my child will be in?

Our qualified and dedicated KISSM staff will ensure that your child is put in a class of the appropriate level for their ability.

How do I help my child if they don’t get the role they want in Musical Theatre?

While everyone will get a role in the show, roles are awarded by audition and we regret that in some cases your child may not get the part that they had hoped, but we will do our best to make them an important part of the production. We ask that parents work with their child to accept the role that they are chosen for by our instructors. If your child is upset about the casting decision, empower your child to talk to the director one-on-one to discuss the decision and how to enhance future auditions. You’ll ultimately know best how to comfort your child. For more tips, we recommend reading Family Matters – a parents guide to the magic of theatre.

Refunds are not given to students who withdraw from our program because they do not get the part in the production that they had hoped for.


Are students allowed to go off campus during lunch?

We do not permit anyone to leave the campus while KISSM is in session. Students must eat their lunch in designated areas, where there will be supervision, and they are not to wander in any other areas of the school. Students in our Music Makers program will be supervised while they eat their lunch inside their classrooms and then have time to play outside.

What time is pickup?

Pick up time is 2:40. Parents are asked to arrive at camp before 2:40 so that they can pick up their kids on time.

Music Makers pick up will start at 2:30 to accommodate parents wishing to avoid the rush.  

Parents of students requiring supervision (K - Grade 2) who have not been picked up after 2:50 will be charged $1 per minute to cover the cost of that supervision.

Is After-KISSM-Care Available?

Yes! We will have After-KISSM-Care available on site until 4:45 pm. For up to one hour of care, the cost is $9.00, and for up to 2 hours of care, the cost is $18. Late pick up fee of $1 per minute will apply to any kids picked up after 4:45. If you need After-KISSM-Care for your child please email to book your spot.  

Where do I find information about KISSM events?

The information you will need throughout KISSM will be posted on our Events Page website; it is our main tool for communication. 

Can students store their instrument at KISSM?

Students are able to store their instruments at KISSM, but can do so at their own risk. Instruments stored must be labelled with the students name. KISSM is not responsible for damaged or stolen instruments left at the camp without supervision.

What if my child loses something at KISSM?

 KISSM is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items. KISSM classrooms are locked at all times, providing a reasonably secure space for instruments when they are not in use.  It is also important that all personal items should be labelled with the child’s name.

What time should I pick my child up on the last day?

The final celebration for KISSM is held after lunch in the gym. This is an amazing event and parents are welcome to come and watch. We dismiss the kids at 2:40 PM as usual.

Will I get to see my child perform?

Yes! One of the most exciting aspects of KISSM is seeing your child(ren) perform as parents are often blown away by the caliber of performance and the amount their child(ren) has learned in their short time at KISSM. For information on the performance schedule for KISSM, please visit our Event Calendar. 

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy - If you are looking to withdrawal from KISSM 2024, please contact the Kamloops Music Collective office ( Refunds will be granted until June 1st 2024, but all refunds are subject to a $100 processing fee. After June 1st, refunds will only be processed in the case of a family emergency or serious illness. 


What are the expectations for those who attend KISSM ?

We expect our students will not do anything to make others feel unsafe, excluded or unwelcome. 

We expect our students to be attentive and respectful at all times. Please be respectful around cell phone use.  If students are asked to put their phones away, we expect they will.

We expect our students to respect private property and belongings, including instruments.  There is a strict no food/gum policy during rehearsals. Water, however, is encouraged and can be with you at your seat.

We also expect students to respect the personal safety of others when taking photos and/or posting online.

Ready to give your child an unforgettable summer?

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