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Financial Assistance 

About our program

Finances should never prevent a child from participating in music education programs. The Kamloops Music Collective is committed to making our programming accessible to as many children and youth in our community as possible. Our Financial Assistance program has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of local kids by helping them access in tuition-based programs at a reduced rate.  If you need financial assistance, please apply.    

Funding is awarded on the basis of commitment to music and financial need. While we try to help as many youth as possible,  the number of awards that we approve is limited by the funding our organization receives from local donors. 

To be considered for financial assistance, applicants can complete an online application form and then email in supporting documents.  Your privacy matters to us and your information and situation never shared with anyone

Before you apply

Before submitting your financial assistance application, please ensure you have the backup documents listed below ready to be emailed in to the Kamloops Music Collective ( immediately after the application is submitted. If the documents have not been received within 3 days of the application having been submitted, then the application will NOT be considered.


  • A copy of Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's Notice of Assessment for the previous year for each adult in the household (including common-law partners.)   Please note: If you are a music educator applying on behalf of your student please include a cover letter in lieu of sending in a Notice of Assessment.  

  • Optional: If you feel  that providing us with additional information would help us in making our decision please feel free to email us a  cover letter with more information.  This is a good opportunity to explain why attending a KMC program is important to you and your child, and explain any extenuating circumstances. 

Applications for financial assistance for our Spring Break programs will be open December 1st 2023. 

Applications for financial assistance for the Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music will be open on February 15th 2024. 

Additional sources of financial assistance

The Boogie the Bridge Cultural Fund (BBCF) is a community-based cultural funding program established in 2005 that provides grants for children ages 5 to 18 who are in need of financial assistance. Recipients of BBCF funding are given the opportunity to participate in cultural programs in Kamloops. We have had many KISSM attendees benefit from this funding in the past and we encourage low income households to apply for both a KMC Bursary and to the Boogie to the Bridge Cultural Fund assistance. 

Whole Note

Whole Note is a new, community-based music program for emerging musicians who are looking to fulfill their passion and potential. Whole Note is open to students in Grades 6-11 in Kamloops. Students accepted into the program receive support in funding music lessons with local music teachers for 10 lessons. They are also given opportunities to perform locally with established music groups in Kamloops. Acceptance into the Whole Note program also includes a full scholarship to attend the Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music.

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