For those who may be interested in developing their musical skills, we have compiled a list of music groups and teachers within our community. 

There are several active choirs in Kamloops -- within schools and through the community. To view a list of choir groups, click below.

Whether you're new to band or an experienced musician, there are many options for playing and performing in the Kamloops region.

Interested in learning a new instrument or perhaps perfect your skills on an old one? There is a teacher for that!

Our community is lucky to have instrumental groups  focused on different cultures and instruments. Are you ready to try something new ?


The Kamloops Music Collective (KMC) is a
non-profit organization that provides young musicians opportunities to learn, play and

perform music through a variety of programs,

and under the mentorship  of teachers and performers in the community.


Tel: (236) 425-4221 

Physical Address: 423 St. Paul St 

Mailing Address:

PO Box 983
Kamloops BC V2C 6H1

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