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Jan 28, 2018
In 40 Years, 40 Stories
By Mandy Maher, KISSM student. This summer will be my 5th, possibly 6th year at KISSM. Before I had gone, I used to spend my summers practically begging to go back to school because I was so bored! I didn't really have a lot of friends that were into the stuff I was into, so my summers were spent with mom doing her best to get me out of the house as frequently as possible. So, when my mom heard about KISSM she was all over the idea. I attended that summer and it was the most amazing and educational experience of my young life. Not only did I grow a certain passion for my love of music that I will never forget, but I finally found my people, and a place where I belong. The friends and memories I made, and continue to make at KISSM will be with me forver, and as I continue to go, my music education will keep growing and developing!


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