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Whole Note Program - Private Guitar Lessons

Fall 2020 Lessons

Duration: 8 Weeks (Lessons will take place between Oct 1- Dec 15th) 

Available For: Students in grades 7 - 11 who face financial barriers

Location: Online (Zoom).  

Cost: $0

We will be giving 4 deserving students the opportunity to learn guitar this fall! Each of the chosen students will received 8 lessons over zoom. We will provide students with the guitars and all other necessary supplies to complete this program, at no charge to the families. This program is designed for young musicians who have a passion for music, but face barriers to learning as a result of financial restrictions. Students are not required to have any experience with guitar, only a strong desire to learn and a commitment to follow through with the lessons. We ask that only students who come from financially restricted households apply for this program. 


The Instructor: Tina Hebner:

Tina is a life-long music lover, who for over 20 years has been helping others enjoy their own musical journey. Using a light-hearted and gentle teaching style, Tina helps people to learn at their comfort level with confidence. When Tina plays music, it lifts her spirit as she creates sound and beauty with her hands. Music can bring people together, can give a stressful time relief…she shares her feelings about this with her students: It’s more important for her to play with passion that it is to play with perfection.

With an extensive background in classical guitar, Tina shares her unique perspectives with her students in her workshops. Classical music, blues, Spanish, metal…. She enjoys playing it all on her ukulele and guitar. Tina offers private and group lessons as well as workshops. Her lessons are available in person and online. You can find Tina in Kamloops where she lives with her husband, two children and two music-loving cats.



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