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The Importance of the Ensemble in your Musical Theatre Production!

Do you find it hard to be placed in an ensemble role in a musical theatre production?

While getting the lead in a musical can be put on a pedestal, it is important to know that being placed in an ensemble role is just as important! As part of the ensemble you will have the opportunity to contribute to the culture and the ongoings of what is being portrayed on stage! As the plot passes through many different settings, you will get the opportunity to help create those different atmospheres through your role. Konstantin Stanislavski, A famous figure in modern theatre history once said “there are no small parts, only small actors.” You are the fabric of the story :)

“The ensemble creates the world in which the lead characters live. No role is unimportant. Every single person is essential to the story. So, next time you say something like, "oh, I'm just in the ensemble," remember that without you, there would be no show. You are important."

Paige Olsen - KISSM Staff - Vocalist

Another part of being in the ensemble that is often overlooked is the choral aspect. The ensemble acts as one choir. Not only do you learn how to blend and join together in harmony, but you are able to act as a group of people who support, or oppose, the narrative of the story. For example, “The Mob Song” from Beauty and the Beast shows the ensemble supporting the villain and the narrative to storm the Beast's castle. Another example of the ensemble taking many roles is in the acclaimed broadway musical, Hamilton! The ensemble goes further to create and move the setting to create changes through time and changes in perspective. The song “Satisfied” shows flashbacks of events in the play, the ensemble emulates the rewind of time and set change to clearly show the new perspective.

With the upcoming productions of Shrek and The Little Mermaid, the ensemble will play a huge role in KISSM 2022. 😄 🎵

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