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Meet Mozzie!

In the Summer of 2021, the Kamloops Music Collective brought on the newest member of the team, Mozzie. Although he has little prior experience in an office environment, he has worked very hard to ensure he is a vital member of the team. His role includes keeping up with the office shredding, greeting office guests, filing, managing staff morale and occasionally modelling for marketing campaigns. With so many responsibilities on his shoulders, he often requires a mid-day siesta, but can be lured back to work with treats or cuddles if needed.

While Mozzie is generally an administrative staff member, he does occasionally make appearances at KMC programs, and LOVES meeting all the young musicians. Mozzie particularly enjoys working with children, and anyone else who will rub his belly or feed him treats!

When Mozzie is not at work he loves going for hikes and off leash runs, diving into piles of snow, chasing leaves, having snacks and taking long naps.

Mozzie looks forward to seeing you around the KMC office in the future!


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