Make Your Own Instrument Kits Are Here!

We know that it’s been a challenging year for many, but the Kamloops Music Collective would like to help make the time you spend at home full of music and creativity!

Have you got kids that love making crafts and music? Now you can now order your own “make your own instrument” kits to be picked up at the KMC office, or mailed to your house. Once you’ve picked the instruments you want to make, all that’s left is to order and create! Continue scrolling below to view our picture tutorials and in depth instructions, family supervision is recommended for all instruments. Enjoy getting creative!

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Egg Maracas

Recommended Age: 5 years+

What’s included: 2 eggs, 4 spoons, a handful of popcorn kernels, stickers, jewels and instructions.

What you supply: masking tape and markers for decorating.


Recommended Age: 5 years+

What’s included: 2 paper plates, 6 jingle bells, string, stickers, jewels and instructions.

What you supply: paint, markers, or any type of decorations.

Straw Pan-Flute

Recommended Age: 7 years+

What’s included: 10 paper straws, some decorating feathers, string and instructions.

What you supply: A ruler, craft glue (white glue, hot glue, etc.)

Spin Drum

Recommended Age: 5+

What’s included: 1 paper straw, string, 2 wooden beads, cardboard circles and instructions

What you supply: Glue, paint or markers for decorating

Alligator Castanet

Recommended Age: 5+

What’s included: Cardboard, 4 Bottle Caps, Googly Eyes

What you supply: Glue, Markers or Paint

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