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Let Your Voice Be Heard Project.

During these unusual times the Kamloops Music Collective wants to give you the opportunity to sing your heart out! We will be accepting video recordings of the song “You Will Be Found” from the Smash Hit Broadway Musical Dear Evan Hansen. Once we receive submissions we will be combining them into a video to share with our community. Anyone is welcome to send in a recording, regardless of experience or skill level! We know that our music community is strong in Kamloops, and we can't wait to showcase this in our final video! If you wish to participate, please follow the steps below.


Step 1:

Record yourself singing the song. “You Will Be Found” from the Smash Hit Broadway Musical Dear Evan Hansen. Please make sure you are singing it A cappella.

Quick Tip: If needed, use Headphones so you can stay on beat with the song.

Step 2:

Upload your video recording to Youtube. Please title your video as seen bellow.

Instert Name KMC Let Your Voice Be Heard Project.

Step 3:

Once Your Video is Uploaded to Youtube, Send us your ULR Youtube link to.

Step 4:

Sit Back and wait. This is where we step in and do the rest of the work. Over the next couple weeks our editing team will take your video submission and work their Magic!


The Song:


How to Upload a Video on YouTube:


In sending the KMC your video ULR you are allowing the KMC to post said video or clip of video, on any form of their social media and other digital platforms, and/or to use for promotional reasons. We at the Kamloops Music Collective understand that we do not own any rights to the song "You Will Be Found" . All rights are reserved to Production and Team of Dear Evan Hansen.

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