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Breaking Boundaries in Classical Music

A local musician has recently moved back to her hometown, Kamloops, and is sharing her passions with the music community by offering flute lessons, composition lessons and developing programs for kids to explore new music.

Bailey grew up in Kamloops and participated in many of the instrumental music programs the community has to offer. She has since obtained her Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria in 2017 and has toured Canada with various ensembles since graduation. She’s recently relocated to Kamloops and is teaching at the Kamloops Symphony Music School and working at the Kamloops Music Collective as the Assistant Marketing and Program Coordinator.

One of her first musical experiences in town was being gifted a guitar from Lee’s Music for her 10th birthday. It came with a free lesson and she absorbed everything she was told by her teacher. “My fingers really toughened up over that summer as I played Sweet Home Alabama on repeat.” she recalls, “It was the summer before I was able to take

band class and I couldn’t wait to start!”

Throughout high school, she participated in band class and took private flute lessons at the Kamloops Symphony Music School. She really wanted to attend KISSM, but her family faced some financial struggles during her teen years. It became increasingly important for her to work summers and contribute. In the 11th grade she was very excited to receive a scholarship to KISSM. She still felt conflicted about not being able to work but ultimately her parents and teachers encouraged her to go for it.

“Growing up I was really shy and quiet. Pursuing music has really encouraged my confidence to blossom. I’ve created friendships through music over the years that allow me to feel safe and free to be myself. Creating a safe place on stage to express myself has been one of the most rewarding experiences. Lessons, masterclasses, community, and mentorship has allowed me to realize that what I have to offer is valuable.”

Even while she was living on the coast, Bailey had continued to contribute to the Kamloops Music Community. With one of her collaborators, Emily MacCallum, she hosted An Evening of Celtic Music in Kamloops, BC, in February 2018 which raised enough money to send a student to the Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music. In Victoria, she often collaborated with the Victoria Composers Collective and she was a guest artist for their 2018 Okanagan tour which included a stop at the Kamloops United Church. She has also volunteered for the KMC’s BAND Together program in the past.

Her move back to Kamloops in October 2020 was welcomed with an abundance of opportunities from the community. Timing worked well in her favour and she has been able to quickly establish roots in the blossoming music scene. The Kamloops Music Collective was able to support her transition by offering her employment in the office. While she is a flute player, she is also an advocate for creating accessible, educational music experiences.

Bailey values the sense of community and belonging that music can create and is working to help share this with as many people as possible. One of her upcoming projects at the Kamloops Music Collective is introducing band students to creative music making through visual compositions and improvisations. Steering away from traditional music notation allows music students of all levels to explore unique sounds and develop a personal voice on their instruments.

“I’m so grateful to be able to move back to Kamloops and support the music community. It was very lucky that the KMC was able to hire me and help me establish some roots here. I love being able to collaborate with my colleagues and create the vision we want to see in the Kamloops Music Community. The KMC reaches so many young people in our community and it is such a gift to be able to share music with them. I’m also offering lessons at the Kamloops Symphony Music School in flute and composition. It’s great to be welcomed back into the community and work with so many wonderful administrators, musicians, and students.”

Bailey is currently teaching at the Kamloops Symphony Music School as a flute and composition teacher. For more information about lessons please contact the Kamloops Symphony Music School. To learn more about Bailey visit her website.

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