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Audition Prep! Some Tips and Tricks for going into auditions!

Updated: May 18, 2022

In anticipation for KISSM 2022, we are starting regular blog posts! The presented topics over the next 10 weeks are meant to encourage discussion and learning. Opinions and strategies from credible music sources will be mentioned and drawn from. Look out for upcoming blogs :)

Auditions can be nerve wracking and put many young musicians out of their comfort zones. Whether it is a placement in your instrument section or trying out for the a lead in a musical, auditions are meant to test your musical and technical capabilities to determine what role in the ensemble fits you! They may be scary, but the KISSM community is rooting for you and there are always staff nearby if you need help 😊. With this being said, there are some tips and tricks that can be used to manage nerves and put you in the best position for your audition day!

“When practicing, visualize yourself playing in the venue and on the stage that the audition is in.” - Maeve Calhoun - Clarinet - Former KISSM Student.

By familiarizing yourself with the exact scenario of your audition, you will reach the day of your audition with very few surprises. Do as much research as you can and/or talk to a teacher to find out what the environment of the audition will be like. This can lead to feeling more comfortable and prepared when you start playing.

“Have a practice run in the clothes that you plan to wear at the audition”

- Paige Mckay - Voice - Terrace B.C.

Different clothes can be constricting to your airflow. Find an outfit that is both comfortable for you and suited to the performance so that you can feel comfortable and confident going into your audition.

“Play each piece in order every practice session”

-Sarah Carey - Clarinet - Revelstoke B.C.

As musicians, we sometimes fall into the trap of unplanned practice. Unplanned practice can happen when you are unorganized. Sometimes you don't want to work on certain aspects of your playing. Whether it be your technique or a song you find difficult, it is easy to get off track Playing each song in order keeps yourself accountable in your practice! It will help you give time and care to harder passages and allows you to work on some of your favourite things too. By keeping the specific order of your audition, you can also manage stamina in a more efficient way 🎷😃.

While not all of these strategies will work with each musician. It's a good idea to keep re-evaluating how you approach these types of challenges in music. With KISSM and the Set the Stage! Summer Musical Week right around the corner, audition tips like these can help you have a successful audition.

Happy Monday! 🎵



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