Jun 18, 2018

KISSM Keeps Me Coming Back


Edited: Jun 18, 2018

From 2007 to 2014 I attended KISSM as a student, participating in string ensembles, bands, Jazz bands, and drumline. My experience as a student was fantastic! Over the years I made many lifelong friends, greatly improve my musicianship, and most importantly, had a whole lot of fun.


In 2015, I was hired as assistant faculty and I have been returning ever since. Having the opportunity as faculty to watch students improve their skills, meet new friends, and have unbelievable amounts of fun has been incredibly rewarding.


There's something magical about KISSM that consistently attracts me and many others to return each coming year. Maybe it's the beautiful music we create, maybe it's the lifelong friends we meet or even the strong, positive, community feeling that KISSM fosters. Whatever it is that keeps us coming back, it's for sure found at KISSM.



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  • Christo Vutev
    Sep 24

    I went to KISSM as a campter for 8 years, and have come through with an improved ability to trust others. It was great to work hard with other campers to prepare for performances, so much so that no single moment stands out. The bonds made from having gone through a lot with people tend to be much stronger than casual friendships.
  • Emma Tow
    Jun 17, 2018

    I attended KISSM for 5 years as a camper and am returning this July for my third year as a mentor on staff. From the beginning KISSM was always exciting to me because I was able to explore all of my different musical interests; piano, violin and musical theatre. I grew so much as an artist because of the expertise and passion of the instructors at KISSM and the opportunities to be involved in the community these connections lead to. But it was the other campers who really influenced my life, and now my fellow mentors who continue to do so. At KISSM I was able to meet so many like minded people who inspired me with their talent, creativity and joy. Collaborating with them on piano duets, in strings ensembles or in musical theatre productions always inspired me. KISSM became the highlight of my year because of the wonderful friendships I had made there. And this is still why I can't wait to come back each summer! Thank you KISSM!
  • Devon More
    Sep 21

    In 1989, I attended KISSM for the first time, selecting the flute as my instrument of choice. I was 6 years old - barely: my arms were barely long enough to hold the flute in place, and it took me WEEKS to create even the slightest, breathiest tone. Nevertheless, a firm foundation was laid. I felt very nostalgic when I saw the KISSM posters when I recently arrived back in my hometown of Kamloops - especially since I was just days away from premiering my brand new rock opera about quantum physics , titled Flute Loops ...! I've come a long way...although some things never change. My old flute teacher came to opening night and told me KISSM was collecting stories for the 40th here I am. I now compose and perform my original musical storytelling shows at theatre festivals across Canada, and in schools across the province. I use a loop station that enables me to "play several instruments at once" (including the flute!) as I live-record and mix the soundtrack. I am also the guitarist and front woman for a Vancouver-based indie rock punk pop power trio called Hang Lucy . There are still 2 chances - on May 12 @ 9:15pm & May 13 @ 5pm - to see Flute Loops here in Kamloops as part of Chimera Theatre's inaugural Hydra Festival before I take this show on a 7-city summer tour across Canada. It samples some of the most famous riffs from classical music, in an acoustic /electronic mash-up exploring cosmic content with contagious melodies. Who would have EVER guessed this would be where I would land, 29(!) summers after my debut in the KISSM marching band, stumbling (literally) through Ode to Joy in Riverside Park...?!?! It's good to be back, and I wonder what kind of young musicians will be sprouting roots at KISSM THIS year...

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