We were on the cusp of opening registration for the Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music (KISSM) on March 1st as normal, but COVID is complicating a few of our plans so we are making the difficult decision to postpone registration.  While we are still developing what our summer program(s) will look like, we are sure about one thing... we can't wait to see all of the dedicated and talented young musicians from our community this July! 

The Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music strives to maintain an atmosphere where students who want to learn may do so in an environment which encourages creativity and recognizes the importance of the individual. Students are accepted at whatever their proficiency level may be and are encouraged to grow.

Music Maker Courses 
Finished Kindergarten To Grade 3 

For students who have completed Kindergarten through to Grade 3. Students who are in this age category will enjoy a variety of music, play and creative classes.

2021 Music Makers Course Descriptions

Junior Courses
Finished Grade 4-6

The KISSM Junior Program is specially designed to have something for everyone! It has been developed for students who love choir or who want to learn a band instrument, want to try something new or improve on an instrument they already play. Core courses in instrumental or vocal streams are offered in the morning and musicians can choose from a range of electives in the afternoon. The Junior Program offers a great opportunity for young musicians to grow and improve, try something new and meet friends. Students are placed based on their completed grade at school.

2021 Junior Course Descriptions

Intermediate Courses 
Finished Grade 7-9

The KISSM Intermediate Program is designed to take young musicians, at any level, to that next step in their musical development. Our goal in to inspire, excite, challenge, and support musicians as they learn and grow.  Students have the opportunity to play, sing, act, to explore and develop confidence and leadership. Core courses in instrumental or vocal streams are offered in the morning, and musicians can choose from a range of afternoon electives.

2021 Intermediate Course Descriptions 

Senior Courses 
Finished Grade 10-12+

The KISSM Senior Program is designed to challenge and inspire.  Whether students have years of experience on their instruments or are trying something new, they will be surrounded by excellent staff and peers that have worked hard to achieve the level they are at. Students have the opportunity to play, sing, act, to develop confidence and show their leadership skills. Core courses in instrumental or vocal streams are offered in the morning, while there is a range of electives to choose from in the afternoon. The Senior Program connects talented musicians and performers in a stimulating environment.   

2021 Senior Course Descriptions 

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The Kamloops Music Collective (KMC) is a
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perform music through a variety of programs,

and under the mentorship  of teachers and performers in the community.


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